Sunday, July 12, 2009

Love on the Run (1979)

By Eric Jessen 7/11/09

The Antoine Doinel of Stolen Kisses and Bed and Board was tolerable. He was even a little charming when he wrote love letters, visited whore houses and eventually settled down with Christine. But in Love on the Run his act has over stayed its welcome. Now in his late thirties, his love affairs with nubile women like Sabine (Dorothee) are pathetic. By this stage he has forgotten about his wife Christine. She apparently has a few too many wrinkles. But as much as we are supposed to love Antoine, I feel good for Christine for being free from him. He's a loser.
In Love on the Run, Antoine and Christine are getting a divorce so Antoine can make his forbidden affair with young Sabine officially passé. Antoine is also trying to refuel an old relationship he had with Colette, from Antoine and Colette (1962).
Love on the Run is filled with overwrought nostalgia for the previous movies in the series. Half the movie consists of clips from The 400 Blows, Stolen Kisses, and Bed and Board. Mixing clips of the masterpiece The 400 Blows with this movie made me cringe.
Jean-Pierre Leaud was quoted as saying the Antoine series was “over” after Bed and Board. I think he was on to something. Love on the Run takes this beloved character past his expiration date. If you liked the 30 minute short Antoine and Colette and you liked Stolen Kisses and you even liked Bed and Board, I still think Love on the Run will disappoint you.

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