Monday, August 3, 2015

Black Suited Boneheads

Gravity’s Rainbow

I’ve just read, or re-read the first 15 or so pages of Gravity’s Rainbow. Pirate plucked his bananas, imagined the tip of a rocket landing between his brow before it explodes, then described his mind reading or dream reading powers while the Foreign Office or some black suited individuals messaged the Adenoid Blob with trucks full of cocaine. Whether or not I’ll be able to keep this up seems extremely unlikely.


Today and for the past week Tom Brady is the victim of a mess, or his own arrogance, guilty as can be, or unfairly demonized for a non-issue.  How much does due-process matter when it seems obvious what happened? Is it possible to know the facts when the objective media become the tool-bags of a bickering contest? 

Does Roger Goddell not personify as the suited commissioner the clumsy, clunky, jocky bonehead one imagines all football people to be? Or has he orchestrated another attention grabbing media frenzy just before the beginning of a new season? Please. I would have watched the Packers either way. 

Speaking of bone-headed jocks, the football media at each step acts either outraged/thrown into a frenzy over every new manufactured development, forgetting all context, completely oblivious of the idea of reading between the lines, or they preach in lockstep with the forwarded press release like some lieutenant or technocrat, staying loyal to chain of command, or whatever other B.S. buzz-cut boneheads use to justify their sloppy cover-ups and general stupidity.

Speaking of general stupidity, the Republican debate is coming up on Thursday. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the day off to watch. Its funny there are so many candidates that Fox has to hold a pre-debate debate for the bottom six. So debate-night Thursday will resemble a pay-per-view boxing event in more than just the undercard, main event structure, but also the verbal punches, thought concussions and mush for brains occupying the ring.